Skin friendly Aloe Vera fabric with micro beads.

European Standard size only (27 x 17 x 5)



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Neck Pillow

A comfortable sensation utilizing micro beads and Aloe Vera fabric.




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Great for lower back support with Aloe Vera fabric and micro beads.





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Pillow Case

For use with your own favorite pillow.






Aloe Vera Spray

Renews pillows and pillow case with Aloe Vera.






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A Skin Friendly fabric with healing power of Aloe Vera.

The healing effect of Aloe Vera on the skin has been known for a very long time . The gel in the leaves of Aloe contains at least 160 valuable, pure biological substances including enzymes, vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Scientific research has clearly demonstrated the beneficial action of Aloe Vera on the skin. A fabric treated with Aloe Vera is not just very pleasant to sleep on, it is also very effective at the energy level.

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